Sex After 40 – Learn The True Facts And Myths

Sex After 40 - Learn The True Facts And Myths

When you’re just between the 20s and 30s, sex and relationship are about discovery and impression. But as soon as you reach your fourth decade of living, this is where true intimacy occurs.  In this stage, you’ve finally outgrown the social faux pas and inexperience which came with your youthful years.

But after blowing your 40 candles, what waits for you and your sex life? Here are some facts (as well as myths) you need to know:

Myth: Your body isn’t desirable anymore at 40.

Bear this in your mind – sex and intimacy are not about your appearance, it is about your affection. Your wrinkles, lumps and even bumps don’t mean anything to men at this age. Instead of self-pitying, make a move to gain your self-confidence.  Why not go for a 30-minute stroll with your lover?

Fact: Changing your sexual routine and adding toys can help avoid boredom in bed.

Have you been in a monogamous relationship for such a long time?  Most likely, after several decades you will feel a bit bored doing the same old routine during your sexy times. Time to skip that. It’s advisable to try something new to spark excitement. Read Fifty Shades of Grey to get some ideas.

Myth: You become sexually inactive once you enter the stage of perimenopause.

This is totally not true. It is inevitable that changes (e.g., mood changes, irregular periods, etc.) will happen before your menopausal year, affecting your sex life.  However, your body will remain a sexual body. It won’t help you at all to avoid sexual activities.

Women might experience vaginal dryness, reduced sexual desire and many more, but don’t let that stop from enjoying sex at this age. It could be the best time for you to experiment things in bed.

Myth: As a woman gets old, she loses her ability to reach the climax.

Not at all. It has been found that majority of women experienced better sex after menopause. This includes more intense and frequent orgasm.

What can you do to maintain a happier sex life at 40?

Remember the reason why you became a partner

There are times that the couple will experience a very challenging and heartbreaking problem that can let them think to end their relationship. When that moment comes to your relationship, always think of the reason why you and your partner became a couple.

Think also of the happy moments that you have shared with each other. Thinking of those things can definitely help you in refreshing your mind in making a decision out of your problem.

Appreciate little things

Whether your partner makes you coffee or gives you a bouquet of flowers, acknowledging little things that your partner had made for you will definitely make him or her feel that you are really happy in everything he or she makes even the small things. If you ever don’t thank them, they may stop bothering of doing things to make you happy even in the small deeds.

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